Monday, August 19, 2013

Half Marathon #5: Little Miami in Morrow, OH.

Sunday was the scheduled half marathon/training run for the marathon training session.  I was up at 445a and out of the house at 530a.  Morrow, OH is an hour or so away and to keep myself entertained while driving up there I decided that I might reward myself for completing this half with a Starbuck's near the finish.  Once I arrived, I realized that Morrow isn't that kind of town.  What sort of town is it?  Lots  of green space.  Not a lot of retail space.  One may say 'rural'?  And Starbucksless?

Despite getting there at 630a (an hour before the start), I got the very last parking spot in the lot, much to the chagrin of the line of cars behind me.  I stood in line for my packet, saw my friend Matt who volunteered that day, and then stood in a 50-person line for the Port-o-potties for 20 minutes.  You haven't lived until you have experienced a Race Day Port-o-Poop.  Nothing like 1,000 nervous, fueling, hydrating racers to quickly destroy every molecule of air in a plastic closet with a questionable lock.  Disgust.

We went to the start and the girl next to me was super nervous about the race as it was her first half.  I didn't really know what to say to make her feel better.  I kept thinking, "Well, I mean, it's an out and back so you kind of just HAVE to go the whole way if you make it to the turn-around..  And you're probably going to go out too fast and be exhausted by the end...  And I bet you didn't bring fuel..." so I didn't say anything.  I let the lady in her 60s who RUNS A HALF MARATHON EVERY MONTH tell her how awesome it was going to be and only slightly lifted my brow when she suggested that she throw her hands up in the air when she crosses the finish.

The first mile was a loop through town.  Do you understand what I'm saying?  The first MILE was a LOOP through DOWNTOWN.  Tiny little town.  The rest was on the scenic bike trial along the Little Miami River.  It was pretty awesome.  Quiet, lots of pretty views.  When we hit the 7.5 mile mark, we turned around and ran back the way we came.

So anyway.  I'm probably one of the least competitive people you will ever meet.  I do have a rule, though, when it comes to racing.  I try to pass everyone I see who:

1.  Walks.
2.  Is dressed inappropriately for the weather.  There were long tights and long sleeve shirts yesterday, folks. It was probably 67* at the start.
3.  Is wearing the race shirt.
4.  Has had any obvious surgical enhancements.
5.  Is wearing makeup.
6.  Has their bib number pinned to their back.

I really gave it my all during this race.  I had a 10:10 min/mile average which is 4 minutes faster than I've been averaging on my long runs as of late (probably due to the race being flat and without crosswalks).  I finished in 2:13:13, 3 minutes shy of a new PR, but my goal was 2:15 so I am happy.  

Half marathons are such nice races.  They are long enough to be a challenge but you can get through it without investing more time than it takes to watch a movie.  Full marathons...  I don't know yet.  I kind of wish I was just doing the half this fall.  I am confident that I can do it, I just don't know how much I'll enjoy it, yaknowhatimean?

This race marked the end of my fundraising for Girls on the Run.  Thank you for everyone who supported and donated!  We raised $170, which is $20 more than needed to fund one girl's enrollment in the program.  SUCCESS.
whilst racing
The view for 98% of the race.

This is what you think is photo-worthy after running 12 miles.

I totally won.  Just kidding.  I totally lost.  Just kidding.

Just because you have to go shopping doesn't mean the showboating has to stop.

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  1. Love your 6 "passing" rules!!
    My last 1/2 was in the forest with lots of hills!!