Sunday, August 4, 2013

15 miles: I basically thought about food the whole time.

I've been running since 2005 and have ran in lots of different scenarios.

Snowy runs, sleety runs
Runs in cold and hot
Windy runs, sandy runs
Better than running not.


Saturday, was by far the wettest run I have ever experienced.  It probably helped that it was my longest run to date (15.23 miles), because there was ample time to get caught in rain.  For me, I ran in three different downpours.  My shoes are still wet.

As mentioned, I'm with a group that is IN IT TO WIN IT, and I am going to be happy to finish.  I am SO not in it to win it that I brought some money with me in case I needed to stop for some foods.  I try to cram as many Jelly Belly Extreme Beans in my Nathan water bottle holder, but that ends up only being 2 bags and I really could do with three or so.  I'm going to have to start wearing a fuel belt or something.  Ick.

At mile 4, the people in the half group were sick of being rained on (this was before downpour #1) and decided to cut their planned 8-miler short.  It didn't really make the decision hard considering that the route ran right next to the store at the 4 mile mark.  I had 11 more miles to go at that point.

Mile 5 was the first downpour.  I really wished I had a visor.

Mile 6 marked the point where I realized that my sunblock had turned white so I looked like a chalky mime running in the rain.

Miles 7-8:  I have no clue.  I think I was just trying to figure out how many chemicals were floating in the street water and hoping that no one was a jerk that liked to splash runners.

At mile 9, I really wanted a pineapple ice cream soda and an egg roll, but I didn't stop.  The girl running next to me wanted "a fistful of lunchmeat".  I'm not eating much meat right now, but I really couldn't stop dreaming about pickle loaf after she mentioned that.

The rest of the run was kind of a blur because I was starving.  What am I supposed to do about that?  Do I need to start carrying a bagel?  Like, really.  I could have eaten and entire meal at any point during the last half of my run.

At mile 14, my morale got smacked in its face.  I saw the water cooler ahead and then I saw a car pull over and put the cooler in the back with all of the other coolers that were scattered along the course.  I recognized the girl from the group.  This meant that this girl ran the entire route and then got in her car and drove around picking up all of the coolers before I even finished the route.  So, that kind of stunk and this just so happened to coincide with the third downpour.

Aaaaand I was totally last back to the store.  Upside: everyone cheered for me, which...was totally mortifying.  But whatever.  To them, those with their splits tattooed onto their arms and bulging biceps on their calves, I'm the underdog and everyone loves the underdog.

ps:  I still have not gotten my pineapple ice cream soda or an egg roll.

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  1. this story cracked me up. keep on keepin' on lady.
    and we'll get you that pineapple soda on the double!