Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer Run.

Today it got up to 71 degrees.  Isn't that insane?  I love it, though.  I hope this isn't like commenting on how nice the smoky scent in the air is and later finding out that there is a raging forest fire nearby.  Seriously, this weather: what is up?  I'm hoping that this winter is another mild one, though.

Also, we had an earthquake in Kentucky today.

I went for a run at the park today and it was so nice out.  I got to take out my new shoes for the first time and three minutes into the run, I stepped into the biggest mud puddle in history.  Whatever, they're just shoes.  Okay, it bothered me a little bit, but..

I didn't really do too awesome today.  I don't know what was against me.
1) it being warmer than I am used (the last time I ran, 20 days ago, it was 40 degrees out)
2) the fact that I haven't ran in 20 days
3) the hilly course
4) running alone

Whatever it was, it was not good.  I ran 2.5 miles and was bored out of my mind, although I appreciated being out in the the warmth and having some time to myself where I wasn't working or saving the kids from a near-catastrophy (twirling on the couch, flinging themselves onto beanbags with such vigor that you would assume that the wall 6" away from the beanbag was made out of Reese Cups and/or Elmo).  The best/worst part about the run?  The blossoming bush at the entrance to the trail.  The plants are so confused.

Other news:
Bug turned 3 this week.  She "voted" with her Granny and Grandpa and felt pretty awesome.  Apparently, she was able to color in a square and put it in a ballot box.  She told me all about it.  She "used a blue pen and colored in a white square and put it in a box and got a sticker."

Bug's first "big kid" gymnastics class was today.  This is the first time that she's done anything without one of us being by her side.  Of course, I was sitting in the bleachers 20 feet away and always ready for a hug when she needed to come by and collect one (3x) but she did great.  She's very patient and eager to please.  This may be to a fault as she let kids cut in front of her while in line to do different stations.

Bee's first baby gymnastics was today.  O took her (the two classes were at different times).  Favorite parts: the parachute and the big blue block of foam.  O suspects that she remembers flopping on it during Bug's baby gymnastics classes.

Bug starts indoor soccer on Thursday.  We have pink shin guards, we've got purple Adidas.  I think that's really all you need in order to be a success at pee-wee soccer.

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